Wholeflower Microcaps(50mg per microcap)


Strength: 3,000mg total CBD per box/ 50mg total CBD per Microcap.

CBD Size: 10 micro-caps per blister pack/ 6 blister packs per box.

Flavor: Natural

Class: Full Spectrum

Uses: Pain, CBD Capsules, Inflammation, Sports Recovery, Nausea, Sleep



Buy Wholeflower Microcaps(50mg per microcap) Online

Wholeflower Microcaps are an ultra high-potency, full-spectrum, micro-sized gelcap. Coming in at only 0.25 ml (the size of a pea) they are half the size of the industry-leading 15mg soft-gels from Entourage Hemp, but deliver more than 6 times the cannabinoid strength! Perfect for those looking for 50 mg or more cannabinoids per day but prefer the convenience of small gelcap over a sublingual tincture or lower-potency soft-gel. This microcap also contains a high serving of raw CBDA, which we love for people living with chronic pain.

Why Choose Entourage Whole Flower Microcaps?

  • No pesticides or metals
  • No residual solvents
  • No additives or emulsifiers
  • No PEG or PG
  • Rich source of essential fatty acids, including Omega-3, Omega-6, GLA and SDA.
  • Excellent value at only $0.05/mg.
  • 20% CBDA
  • Tested by an accredited 3rd-party lab
  • Micro-caps are one of the best method of consuming hemp oil, since they are very easy and fast to consume.
  • Convenient and easy to carry.

How to Use Entourage WholeFlower Microcaps:

Take 1-2 microcaps per serving with water. The oil can also be squeezed from the capsule and used sublingually and/or topically.


Organic hemp seed oil, hemp extract, gelatin, glyc